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Music Categories

 CD and DVD info
New Releases

Suggested CD and DVD titles

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Music Categories

Which are the music categories in your catalogue?

     Our catalogue is separated in 4 major categories. Greek music, International music, Classical music and DVD titles.

   Greek music: This category contains all the Greek CD titles in alphabetic 


Pop, Laika and other general music styles


Pop Electro, Rock, Hip-Hop

CD Singles

Music for Children

Byzantine, Secular, Church and Ancient Greek music

Greek Retro music ('30, '40, '50)


Traditional, Folk (Thessalia, Sterea Ellada, Peloponnisos)

Traditional music from the Greek Islands

Traditional music from Asia Minor

Traditional music from Thrace

Macedonian music

Traditional music from Epirus

Traditional music from Pontus

Traditional music from Crete

Compilations - Various Artists



   International music: This category contains all the Foreign/International CD 

   titles in alphabetic order:

General music styles, Pop, Rock, Metal, Soul, Dance

CD Singles

Compilations - Various Artists





Acid Jazz


Ethnic - World music


   Classical music: This category contains all the Classical CD 

   titles from Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern,

   Ballet,  Chamber,  Choral,  Concerto, Opera, Orchestral,  Symphony and

   Greek Composers in alphabetic order:

Classical music

Greek Composers


   DVD titles: This category contains Greek and International DVD titles

   (DVD Video and DVD Audio):

Greek DVD Titles

International DVD Titles

Greek Movies

Children Movies





CD and DVD Info

     You can see a CD's or DVD's info from our online catalogue by pressing on the description of that title. These information pages contain photo of the product, detailed description and availability. There are also other details in many titles like release date, music style, composer, songwriter, track list. (Product images may be different than actual product)

     If a CD or DVD info page does not contain some details you wish to see, you can send us your request, for more details about this title, via e-mail at


    Our online catalogue is provided only for the client’s personal use, to browse, select and order items. Product details (like images and descriptions) cannot be shared with third parties, nor can be reproduced, published, copied or transmitted in any form, including electronically on the Internet. All the content included in or website and catalogues, such as product details, track listings, text, graphics, logos, audio samples and product images, are protected by the Greek and International copyright laws and cannot be used in any form, without or prior written consent.




New Releases

     In the New Releases section, you will find all the latest CD and DVD releases in Greek, International and Classical music. The main page of the New Releases, contains some important releases. You can select to see, from the menu at the top of the page, new releases from various music styles and categories (DVD only, Greek music only, Traditional music only and more).

     In our online CD and DVD catalogues and the info pages, there is also an indication which shows if a title is a new release (it has this icon next to the description). 






Suggested CD and DVD titles

     In our Suggested Titles section, you will find the Studio 52 suggestions for CD and DVD titles. These suggestions include titles from all kinds of music; Greek, International and Classical. If you prefer a certain music style, you can select it from the top menu of music styles in the Suggestions page.

     All the CD and DVD suggestions have been compiled from our 35 years of music experience.





Availability of Products

Where can I see if a CD or DVD title is available?

      You can see the availability of a product from the CD or DVD info page.

You can see these info pages from our online catalogue by pressing on the description of a title. In the info page, you will see if a title is "in stock" or "out of stock". A product which is "in stock" means that it is available and usually ships within 1-2 business days. A product that is "out of stock" means that it has been sold out and will be available within a few days (in this case you will see the estimated availability time). Titles that are out of stock, can be ordered normally. These orders will be dispatched in the time specified in the estimated availability time of the Info Page. Availability of products shown in our catalogues, is in no case binding.


Estimated shipment time depending on the availability of a product.

    All products in stock, are usually shipped within 1-2 business days.
For orders that contain CD or DVD titles that are out of stock, the usual shipping time is 2-3 business days. In some cases, it might take longer (3-10 business days) depending on the distribution/production companies. The estimated availability time is descript in the CD/DVD Info Page of all products.






Are the prices of the CD and DVD titles in your catalogue final?

     All prices in our online catalogues are the final prices (including VAT). There are no extra (hidden) charges.

     Important Note: In some cases, the prices of CD and DVD titles that are out of stock, might be altered, depending on the changes of cost accounting of the companies. In this case, you will be informed.


How can I calculate the total cost of my order?

     You can see the total cost of the CD and DVD titles you wish to order, from your shopping cart.

     To calculate the shipping/postal expenses you can use our Shipping Expenses Calculator. By selecting the number of discs you wish to order, the payment and shipping method you prefer and the destination country, you will see the estimated shipping expenses of your order. You can also see a list of the shipping/postal expenses in our "How To Order" web page.

     Note that the shipping expenses, depend on the shipping method, the destination country and the total weight of the products in your order. A CD or DVD title is estimated to weight 110 gr. If a title is a double or triple CD set or it contains booklet, the weight is usually more than 110gr. If it is a CD single, or a digipack the weight is usually less than 110gr.










If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.



Telephone: (+30) 2310279688

Fax: (+30) 2310251178








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