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Placing an Order

 Using the Shopping Cart
 Order Form Troubleshooting

Ordering Methods

Checking Your Order Status Changing / Canceling an Order


Placing an Order

How can I place an order?

     To place an order, you can use our online Order Form, or you can send your order by any of the other Ordering Methods. These methods are descript with more details below (go directly to Ordering Methods).


How does the online Order Form work?

     Our online Order From is separated in 3 sections.

In the first section, you see the CD or DVD titles you have in your shopping cart. You can remove, change the quantity or add more titles. If you are not using the shopping cart, you can enter the codes of the CD or DVD titles you wish to order in the "CD/DVD Code" fields.


In the second section, you fill out your shipping and contact information.

Shipping Information Required:

  Full Name, Address and Address Number, Post/Zip Code, City, Country, 

Contact Information Required:

  E-Mail Address AND/OR Telephone Number

All other fields are necessary for a correct shipment.


In the last section, you choose the Payment and Shipping method you prefer. 

Payment Methods:

  Credit Cart (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard) (?)

  Payment on Delivery (?)

  Bank Deposition (?)

  Western Union (?)

  PayPal (?)

Shipping Methods:

  Standard International Shipping (Registered Mail) (?)

  Express International Shipping (Registered Mail) (?)

  Courier/Express International Shipping (?)


After you have completed the above steps, by pressing the "Submit Order" button, your order will be placed. You will be automatically redirected to our confirmation page. If you have entered your e-mail address in the Order Form, you will also receive a confirmation e-mail.

     In case you are receiving an error or experience any problem with our online Order Form, please see the "Order Form Troubleshooting" section.

     Note, that all your personal information submitted, will be used only for the completion of your order and will under no circumstances be used, for any purposes other than the ones you have provided them for. We are deeply committed to protect the privacy of our customers. (See our privacy policy).






Using the Shopping Cart

How does your shopping cart work?

     Our shopping cart is design for use in most of the web browsers and platforms.

To add a product to your shopping cart, you simply press the shopping cart button below or next to that product.

Shopping Cart button:  

After you press this button, the product will be added in your shopping cart and you will be redirected to the "My Shopping Cart" page, showing the list of the CD/DVD products you have in your cart. From that window you will be also able to change the quantity, remove an item or proceed to check out. A small table at the right of our Web pages, is also showing the cost and total number of items your shopping cart contains. 

You can see your shopping cart details, in the "My Shopping Cart" page. When you have finished shopping, you can press the "Check Out" button, or go directly to the "Order Form".

Note, that the shopping cart will empty, when you leave from or if the web browser is inactive for more than 20 minutes.


The shopping cart does not work properly. What can I do?

     If for any reason the shopping cart does not work properly, you can send us your order, by entering the CD or DVD code(s) you wish to order, in the "CD/DVD Code" fields of our online Order Form. You can also send us your order via e-mail, phone or fax.


Please, report any problem you experience with the Shopping Cart, through our Report An Error page.






Order Form Troubleshooting

The products I added in my shopping cart are not listed in the Order Form.

     It is possible that your shopping cart is empty. If you left or your web browser was inactive for more that 20 minutes, then your shopping cart is possibly empty.
To check this, you can go to "My Shopping Cart" page.

     If your shopping cart does contain products and some or all are not shown in the Order Form, then it is possible that a server error has occurred. This error usually occur for only a short time. You can return to our Web site and try again later, or you can enter (copy-paste) the CD and DVD codes from your shopping cart, to the fields in the online Order From.


Did my Order go through?

     After you placed and submitted your order, an e-mail is automatically sent to you (if e-mail address available) confirming that we received your order. You will also see a confirmation page. Sometimes, an order will be successfully submitted, even if you get an error message. In this case, you can check the e-mail we sent you, or you can contact us to confirm the order submission. You can also re-submit your order. 


I re-submitted my order because of an error in the first submission.

Is my order duplicated?

     When we receive duplicated orders, we are processing only the last one received. For any details or specifications please contact us at any time. 


I submitted more that one orders because I wanted to include more products.?

     In case we receive more that one order with different Products, we will combine the orders into one. You can of course remove any product later on.


The Order Form keeps looping back, when I press the "Submit Order".

     Please, be sure that you have entered all the necessary fields of the form.

If you receive an error message, after the page loops back, this means that one or more required fields in the form have not been filled in correctly.

If you have filled in all the required fields and the page keeps looping back, then it is possible that a server error has occurred. This error usually occur for only a short time. You can return to our Web site and try again later, or you can send us your order by any of the other Ordering Methods. These methods are descript with more details below.

(go directly to Ordering Methods).







Ordering Methods

You can order the CD/DVD titles you wish, with one of the below methods:
  1. Using our online Order Form.

  2. Sending us your Order by Fax.
      Just fill out and send us via fax your order to (+30) 2310251178.

      You can use our 'ready to print' order form. 

  3. Ordering by Telephone.

      Call us at (+30) 2310279688 and give us your order.

  4. Sending us your Order via e-mail.

      Send us via e-mail at then below information:
Shipping Information:

         Full Name, Address and Address Number, Post/Zip Code, City, Country

     Payment Method your prefer:

         Payment on Delivery, Credit Card, Western Union, Bank Deposition or PayPal

     Shipping Method your prefer:

         Standard or Express International Shipping or Courier/Express International Shipping
Your order:

         The CD and/or DVD Codes of the titles you wish to order.


For details about shipping rates see our "Shipping Expenses" Web page.

For details about payment methods, see our help page "Payment Help Center".

For details about shipping methods, see our help page "Shipping Help Center".



Checking Your Order Status

Where can I check my Order Status?

      As soon as we receive and process your order, we will send you via e-mail your Order Status. You can also ask us to send you via e-mail, your Order Status at any time. To do this, just send us your request via e-mail at including in the subject of your e-mail the order ID number.





Changing / Canceling an Order

How can I change or cancel an order after it has been placed?

     You can change or cancel any order that has not yet been shipped, by sending us your request via e-mail at In the e-mail subject, please write the ID number of your order and the nature of your request (Change or Cancel).








If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.



Telephone: (+30) 2310279688

Fax: (+30) 2310251178








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