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Payment with Credit Card

 Payment on Delivery
Bank Deposition

Western Union money transfer

PayPal Payment


Payment with Credit Card

Which Credit Cards do you accept?

     The credit card we accept are:

      Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard (America Express will be added soon).


Are there any charges for payment with credit card?

     No, there are no charges for payment with credit card.


Are the payment transactions with credit card secure at Studio 52?

     All the transactions with credit card are completed in our online secure payment system (in cooperation with Eurobank and VeriSign). We use the 128bit SSL protocol of VeriSign, which is today, the most powerful security protocol worldwide.

For more details about security, you can see our "Security of Transactions" web page.


How does your credit card payment system work?

     After we have processed your order, we send you via e-mail a web link for our online secure payment system.

     In the first section, you see the total CD/DVD cost and the postal expenses. 

In the second section you will be asked to enter your credit card number, expiration date and CVC/CVV number.

     The credit card number and the expiration date, must be entered with no spaces or any other symbol between the numbers.
Credit Card Number: 4060000000000001
Exp. Date: 0506 (05=month, 06=year)

The Card Validation Code / Card Verification Value is a three-digit code printed on the back of your Credit Card. It appears at the top right corner, far right from the card number. The CVC code helps validate you as a legitimate cardholder. This increases our commitment to protect our customers from fraud.

                 CVC/CVV Number

     After you fill out all the above information, by pressing the "Pay Now" button, your transaction is processed and you will see a confirmation page, when the transaction has been completed successfully. You will also receive an electronic payment receipt via e-mail.

     Note, that the web links we will provide you for the online payment transaction, can be used only once for safety reasons.

New payment service MasterPass by MasterCard: MasterPass by MasterCard

     We now offer to our customers the new payment method MasterPass by MasterCard, a "digital wallet" for safe and fast online payments.





Payment on Delivery

     With this payment option, you will pay your order, when you receive it. (At your local post office, or postman).

The countries which currently accept payment on delivery are:

Greece, Cyprus, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg.

     Please note that for shipments by Payment on Delivery (except Greece) there might be extra charges from your local Post Office according to the policy of the National Post Office of your country. Any additional charges of this kind must be borne by you. We have no control over these charges. For further details, please contact your local Post Office.





Bank Deposition

     You can complete the payment of your order by a bank deposition. You can make the deposition through most National Banks worldwide and other International Banks. Our account is in the National Bank of Greece. All the necessary information for the transaction such as IBAN number and Swift (BIC) code, will be provided to you via e-mail, after the submission of your order.

     For this payment method, there is an extra charge of 4,00 euro banking expenses.

     Your order will be shipped immediately after the deposition has been completed.





Western Union money transfer

     We accept payment through the Western Union money transfer.

You can find more details about the Western Union and the location of a Western Union office at your region from  All the necessary information for the transaction will be provided to you via e-mail after the submission of your order.




PayPal Payment    

     We accept payment through PayPal. As soon as we receive and process your order, you will receive by email the PayPal payment request, to proceed with your payment. If you already have a PayPal account, the method is as usual with PayPal. But even if you do not have an account with PayPal, you can complete your payment through the secure options PayPal will provide you. We will sent you a confirmation email and the link of your order's status page. You will then be prompted to proceed to the PayPal payment page and complete your purchase easy and safe.






If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.



Telephone: (+30) 2310279688

Fax: (+30) 2310251178






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