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Searching for a CD or DVD title

 Using our Search Engine
 I can't find a CD or DVD title

Search Tips


Searching for a CD or DVD title

     You can find the CD or DVD titles you are searching, from our online alphabetic catalogue pages, using our search engine, or sending us your searches/queries via e-mail at or from our
? I can't find ? web page.

     For more details about our online alphabetic catalogue pages, see our "Catalogue Help Center"

     For details about our search engine see below.






Using our Search Engine

How does your search engine works?

     You simply enter the name of an artist or a CD/DVD title you are searching, in the "search for" field and select the category in which you wish to search (the default is "All Products"). You do not have to use any characters or parameters like in most search engines, for better results. Our search engine is designed to use all the parameters together and show the results in an order. There is also a green bar image in each result, that indicates how close the result matches your query. 

The queries you enter in the search field, are not case sensitive. You can use either small or caps. All queries should be entered with Latin characters.

     The first results of your search are for the exact word or phrase you entered.

The next results are the closest matches found, using the "AND" parameter, meaning that all the words, match the result but not in the exact order.

The last results are the matches for your query, using the "OR" parameter, meaning that one or more words match the result.

     You can see more info of a CD or DVD title, by pressing on the description of that title.

     The order of the search results, depends on how close the match for your query was and the popularity of the titles.





I can't find a CD or DVD title

I am looking for as CD or DVD title, but it is not listed in your catalogue and does not appear in the search engine results. How can I find it?

     Contact us via e-mail or phone (see contact info), or send us your queries using the form in our
? I can't find ? web page. We will find the CD or DVD title you are looking for and notify you via e-mail as soon as we have processed your request.






Search Tips

     You can use our search engine for your searches. You do not need to enter an exact name or title. For example, if you are searching for the CD of Haris Alexiou "Os tin Akri tou ouranou sou", you can enter in the query field the words "Alexiou" and then "Akri" or "Ouranou" (in caps or small) like this :

Search for: or


     Note that you should use only Latin characters. Also, note that small words (less that 3 characters) are not processed in the search.





If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.



Telephone: (+30) 2310279688

Fax: (+30) 2310251178








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