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Security of Transactions

   Studio 52 on-line music store uses the VeriSign SSL protocol, with 128bit encryption, provided by Eurobank Cards, for secure online payment transactions with Credit Card. This is one of the most secure systems in the world today. All Credit Card information are encrypted during the completion of your transactions and the data are fully protected during the transfer through the internet. The payment is completed directly through the Eurobank/VeriSign payment system and no Credit Card information is stored, providing the most reliable security. For even more security, Studio 52 also uses the VeriSign SSL protocol powered by OTE Web Hosting.

   The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Protocol is the standard encryption protocol used today in the World Wide Web for all the web sites, the internet users and web servers. All the data are protected by encryption so that the personal information are secured during the transmission.

   The payment system for Credit Card of Studio 52, is provided with the Security and reliability of Eurobank Cards, using the VeriSign certificate.

   Studio 52 is also a Verified PayPal Merchant, providing the safest payment methods to customers, with the security of

Eurobank and VeriSign Security Official PayPal Seal


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