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CD, DVD, Vinyl Catalogues:  
* Music Categories   * Availability of Products
* Product Details CD, DVD, Vinyls   * Product Cost
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* Music Categories:


Our products are seperated in catalogues by the format: CD Catalogue, Music DVD, Vinyl Catalogue. There are also 2 catalogues for DVD and Blu-Ray Movies and Accessories.
The 3 music catalogues are categorized in: Greek Music, International Music, Classical Music. Each category has subcategories by music genders (Pop, Rock, Folk, Traditional etc.)
In the below list you can find all the categories and subcategories / genres and music styles:


* Greek Music:

Pop, Modern Folk (Laika), Artistic Folk and others
Rembetika and Bouzouki
Greek Retro Music ('30, '40, '50)
Pop, Rock, Electro, Hip-Hop
CD Singles
Music for Children
Byzantine and Church Music
Ancient Greek Music
Poetry and Theatre
Traditional music (Thessalia, Central Greece, Peloponnese)
Traditional music from the Greek Islands
Traditional music from Asia Minor and Smyrne
Traditional music from Thrace
Traditional music from Macedonia and Brass
Traditional music from Epirus (Sarakatsani, Vlach, Grevena, Zagoria)
Traditional music from Pontus
Traditional music from Crete (Mantinades, Rizitika, Cretan Dances)
Compilations and Various Artists (Pop, Folk, Modern)
Soundtracks - Music from Films and TV Series
Greek Classical Music, Composers & Interpreters

* International Music:

Pop, Rock, Indie, Metal, Soul, Dance
CD Singles
Compilations - Various Artists (Pop/Rock, Club/Dance)
Soundtracks - Music from Films and TV Series
Blues, Folk Rock, Blues Rock
Jazz, Fussion, Jazz Rock, Modern Jazz
Funk, Funky Soul
Acid Jazz
Reggae, Ska, Dub
Ethnic - World Music

* Classical Music:

Classical Music, Composers, Opera
Greek Composers & Interpreters

* Music DVD:

Greek Music DVD
International Music DVD
Classical Music DVD
Children Music DVD
DVD Karaoke

* Movies DVD and Blu-ray:

Greek Movies / Old Cinema
International Movies
Children Movies





* Product Details CD, DVD, Vinyls:


To see the detaisl of a CD, DVD, or Vinyl title, click on the description or the image of the product. In the details page you will find images of the product, detais such as release date, label, participant artists, song titles list and detailed availability. (Some images may differ from the actual product image). If you can not find a detail you are interested in, you can contact us at to inform you regarding the product, if possible.


Our online catalogue is provided only for the client’s personal use, to browse, select and order items. Product details (like images and descriptions) cannot be shared with third parties, nor can be reproduced, published, copied or transmitted in any form, including electronically on the Internet. All the content included in or website and catalogues, such as product details, track listings, text, graphics, logos, audio samples and product images, are protected by the Greek and International copyright laws and cannot be used in any form, without or prior written consent.





* New Releases and Suggestions:


In the New Releases page, you will find all the latest new releases in CD, DVD and Vinyl Records, from Greek and International Music. The starting page includes some noticeable releases, while you can browse at the top menu all new releases, new arrivals and restocked titles per music category (Music DVDs, Greek Music, Traditional, International etc.)
In the catalogue pages, there is an indication which shows if a title is a new release, with the icon , while there is also an indication in the search results with the icon next to the title.





* Availability of Products:


All our products are New, Original Factory Manufactured. We do not have second-hand, used or any other type of music items.
The availability of each product is shown in the catalogue and in the details of the product, with the indication of estimaged availability/shipping time. In the catalogue pages, you will see the below availability indications: "In Stock" the product is in stock, "Available" the product is available for ordering, "Out of Stock" the product is not currently available but may be ordered from the production/distribution company, "Out Of Print" the product is unavailable and cannot be found at the moment (can be ordered as a Backorder/Wishlist).
In the detailed page of each product, you will see the exact availability and the usual shipping times. You can order products that are "Out of Stock" or "Unavailable" and we will order and restock them if still available from the production/distribution companies. The availability and shipping times may vary, depending on the stock and availability fromn the production/distribution companies.
Products that are "In Stock" are usually shipped within 1 business day and can be also purchased directly from physical store. Products that are "Available for order" will be supplied from the production/distribution companies and are usually shipped within the timeframe indicated in the product availability. For order that contain unavailable/out of stock products, the usual shipping time is 2-6 business days. In some cases the shipping time may be longer, depending on the availability from the production/distribution companies.





* Product Cost:


* Are the prices of the CDs, DVDs and Vinyls in your catalogue final?

Yes. All prices in our online catalogues are the final prices (including VAT). There are no extra (hidden) charges.
Note: In rare cases, the price of out of stock or unavailable product may be altered, depending on the changes of cost accounting of the companies. In this case, you will be informed accordingly.

* How can I calculate the total cost of my order?

You can see the total cost of the products you wish to order, from your "Shopping Cart" and also in the top-right box with your shopping cart indication. In "My Shopping Cart" you can calculate the shipping expenses by selecting your prefered payment method and the shipping destination. You can also use the Shipping Expenses Calculator. By selecting the number of discs you wish to order, the payment and shipping method you prefer and the destination country, you will see the estimated shipping expenses of your order. You can see a list of the shipping rates/postal expenses in our How To Order page.
Note: The shipping rates depend on the shipping method, the destination country and the total weight of the products in your order. For earch order, the total weight is calculated automaticaly in the "Shopping Cart" and the "Order Form".





* Special Offers and New Lower Prices:


* Special Offers:

Every week, we select a variety of CD, DVD and Vinyl titles from our catalogue, and offer you special lower prices for 7 days (from Monday to Sunday). The special offer prices for each week are valid for order sent till 23:59 on Sunday when the specific offer ends. In our page "Special Offers" you will find each week a fresh list of music titles on offer.

* New Lower Prices:

In our page "New Lower Prices" you will find all recent products with new lower prices. The lowered prices of these titles are not for limited time but prices may be altered in the future.




If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.



Telephone: 2310279688

Fax: 2310251178


 * Shopping Cart



 * Catalogue

New Releases:

* Greek Popular Music
* Rebetika
* Traditional
* Music DVD
* Movies DVD
* CD & DVD for Children
* Classical Music
* Soundtracks
* International Music

Greek Music:

* Vinyl, LP Catalogue
* Modern Folk, Pop, Laika
* Rebetika
* Pop Rock Hip-Hop
* Music for Children
* Byzantine, Seculare,
   Church, Hymns
* Greek Retro Music
* Poetry and Theatre
* Soundtracks
* Traditional:
   Central Greece,
* Greek Islands
* Asia Minor, Smyrne
* Thrace
* Macedonia
* Epirus
* Pontus
* Crete


* Vinyl, LP Catalogue
* Pop, Rock, Electro
* Compilations
* Soundtracks
* Blues
* Jazz
* Ethnic - World

Classical Music:

* Classical Music
* Greek Composers
   and Interpreters

DVD Music:

* Greek Music DVD
* International DVD
* Classical DVD

DVD Movies:

* Greek Movies
* International
* Children Movies

Greek Artists:

* Alphabetic List
* George Dalaras
* Mikis Theodorakis
* Manos Hadjidakis
* Haris Alexiou
* Dimitra Galani
* Manos Loizos
* Anna Vissi
* Giannis Ploutarhos
* Despoina Vandi
* Giannis Parios
* Alkinoos Ioannidis
* Giannis Haroulis
* Thanasis Papakonstantinou
* Dimitris Mitropanos






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